CHAPTER 1 It was November 15,when anarchy broke out in London.People killed each other and I had to see so many good lives end.I was not very terrified...but eager to see if those filthy bastards of my parent had died yet.I did not want their downfall to be a quick gunshot,but a slow painful death with a knife at the neck,small but deep,so they would suffer even throughout their last breaths.They made me suffer so why shouldn't I want them to? My whole life...suffering.If they were killed today,there would be no mourning for them from me,my older sisters though,would be sobbing for their "precious parents" death.Kendra and Amelia are incredibly strong and very wise for their age and it sometimes made me jealous to think I was the runt of the litter.I was not even supposed to be given birth,but who would want to have a weak,ignorant,aggressive child for their baby?Those words describe me,Demetri Angia Element.In this family, the strongest child would be given birth and the father of this child would be given a prophecy that they would be passed down the Ancient Book,that has been rumored to have secrets,weapons,and powers beyond belief...I never thought I would be prophocized to get it.So,I heard my father discussing with my sisters that I would get the book and they needed to stop that from happening.They would beat me and scare me and make me suffer so the day I would get the book, I would be to weak to even hold it.Kendra and Amelia never did anything I couldn't handle,but my parents on the other hand,would do anything to at least make me unconscious.No death is wished for my sisters for they always had pain in their eyes when torturing me. Torturous actions are now common in the chaos that is modern day,well with the anarchy.Yet,I did not want this craziness to end just now,but once my parents are killed by it,then it is wished to end.It was May 3 when I got the Ancient Book.My sisters and I were in the cellar when we heard a sudden explosion in the distance and a bang at the door.Kendra ran upstairs and opened the door to see what had happened,a moment later I heard her scream in shock.Amelia and I ran upstairs to see why Kendra screamed and I realized why.My mother and father were on the floor,nearly blown to bits...dead.My sisters cried and sobbed but a insane smile spread across my face.When I thought the day couldn't get better,the object I saw underneath my mothers arm made it the happiest day of my cruel life.Underneath her arm.was the Ancient book.