Wolfie will make a empire to rise @.@

"2 will be 3,The 3 kingdoms 2 will fall and 1 will live."

"You solemnly swear to serve the thezwolfs loyally?" asked Wolfie the ruler and founder of the thezwolf empire. "Certainly" said the newest member Drafonthezwolf (sorry if i spelled name wrong) "Good because we will attack Khaos empire soon!" yelled Wolfie and walked away. Deep in the forests of the light elementals, a tiny cottage laid there. They were the talons of peace known by most empires as "The Rebels" as they would stop every plan that was meant for harm. Most of the talons of peace had died in the battle against 786vskhaos and spirits laid to rest. The Talons of peace's two dragon members remain,Cloudymist and DL, They hoped to rebuild the Talons of Peace and save the world again. DL held the magic to see into the future while Cloudymist could shape-shift into anything. One day Wolfie and his crew -_- gathered around the cottage to take the inhabitants to his empire. Cloudy managed to fly away but Wolfie saw who she really was. "Omg,Its Eme!" :| Wolfie and Cloudy left either sides when Wolfie proposed the empire to be built. Years ago, though everyone knows the well. "They flew to the Thunderpeak mountains of lightning...

"Zara?" asked Ellie "Are you alright?" Ellie cast a worried look toward her little sister as she stared at her nervously. Ellie was a cybernetic dragon while Zara was a blue one, a very rare species. Someone seeks us...Zara, formerly known as Zazara, had the power to use blue lightning, and read futures within special dreams. Ellie, also known to be Elektron, had the power to call upon the heavens summon lightning and control all lightning magics. "They've found us..." said Ellie grabbing the purification hearts and dragging Zara behind her. The thunderclouds cleared away revealing a path to escape the mountain.

"Ugh..." gasped Zara, as she scratched her head."Ellie, the dreams can't lie," Zara now gave a steady look at Ellie."They're close, and an unnecessary death will occur!" Elektron froze. She looked down, puzzled. After a few moments she looked back up and continued up the path.

Eventually, night time came pass, and the two dragons were in a forest."Maybe... we should have gone the other way?" Zara said in a low voice. She always believed in the tales in the forest. After a couple hours, Zazara spoke once more."Are we lost?"

"Nonsense!" Ellie answered, then, suddenly they cam upon a large, peculiar tree. On the tree was a mysterious note that said,'He's always watching'. Zara was cautiously backing away in fear, when she suddenly knocked into something. Curiosity got the best of both of them, and they slowly turned around. In front of them were four long legs with sharp claws, as they looked up, they saw a Dragon, dressed in a tuxedo. Nightmare black wings and horns pierced the moonlight. When they looked for a head, they saw something very frightening. For there was a head... But no face.

"K-Kiyo..." Ellie stuttered, shocked.

" isn't...Ellie...." Said Kiyo

"What do you want?!" Yelled Ellie

"Nothing...,, who's...the...little....scum?" He asked Curiously

Kiyo suddenly stared at Zara glaring at her for being there.

"IM HER SISTER!" hollered Zara angrily, as smoke puffed out her nostrils. Both Ellie and Zara were at a battle stance. It was Ellie who attacked first, as she pounced on KiyoFlame. The blank dragon just gazed at her with an expressionless face, as large and long hand from Kiyo's back seemed to take hold of her, and threw her off. Then, Kiyo got up, and dusted off. It seemed like by the way he's standing, he would smile, but still no expression.

Zazara was backing away, for fear has overcome her. This gave Kyo the chance to attack. Just with one, expressionless glance, Zara obeyed the silent command, and stood still like a statue. Kiyo approached her, mysterious hands out, claws sharp, and horns seeming to get longer. Then, a burst of electricity shot at his side. He turned, and saw Ellie charging toward him. Again, he knocked her over, but this time, his sharp claws were digging into her.

Suddenly, the moonlight was gone, and a chilling breeze crossed the forest. The frozen, terrified Zazara glanced at Elektron, for she knew what was about to happen. Ellie smiled as she threw Kyo off of her.."Well, I do like your way of handling a battle..." Above them, and through the trees, the clouds began to gather, and turn grey."... But one way to handle a battle certainly wouldn't be harming my sister... Not even a small scratch would be of any good... well to anyone in sight." Ellie knew something Zara didn't. In fact, Zara gave her a curious look that wanted to object. Then, Elektron step closer, and said,"That's why I would electrocute them..." At that moment the clouds grew louder.

Just then, there was a spark in Ellie's eyes when she looked into Kiyo's blank face, and the clouds seemed to go away, and moonlight returned."Go." she whispered. Kiyo shrugged, and was gone.

Zazara's Confusion made her stare at her bigger sister, but for some reason, Ellie wouldn't tell her a single thing. She had tried to ask as many questions as possible but Ellie wouldn't spill the beans. the frustrated Zara just kept on walking sulking the whole time. " Are you sure?" Asked Zara one last time and Ellie shot "SILENCE". this seemed to upset the thunderclouds as they gave a furious howl of wind and thunder. Zara suddenly thought, why wouldn't Ellie tell her a thing? Was it something important? Did she met Kiyo in the past and why did she let him go?? Zara just kept walking as Ellie was deep in thought.


"Protect the egg!" yelled Scarlet falling off a cliff, her wings torn and battle scarred. She threw a hopeful look at her mate as he leapt down and spread his wings just in time to catch the egg. "Scarlet! He yelled, I need you here!" With one last ounce of her strength, Scarlet flew back up. "Lunar, I can't live much longer." she said gasping for breath. The egg was a dark-blue color glittering with yellow bolts of electricity.

Meanwhile Ellie was talking to Kiyo up on a higher cliff. "My mom...She said, my mothers dying". She started crying and Kiyo shot her a sad look with his faceless face. "Ellie, we need to start a new future." He said thoughtfully. Ellie suddenly flew down to were her parents Lunar and Scarlet were resting. "What do you want to name her Scarlet?" asked Lunar to his mate sadly.

"I want my child to be named Zazara." she whispered and with one last breath, Scarlet died clutching Zazara's egg in her talons holding it to her heart. Ellie said softly and sadly "Goodbye Mother.. ;-(" Kiyo gently flew down next to the broken family and said "Come with me and we'll make our own tribe." Ellie's father agreed but she stood there saying "How could you?! I'm protecting this egg no matter what!" Kiyo heartbroken said "Fine, you precious egg can die right now!". With a sweep of his tail, he pushed the egg down the cliff. Ellie dived toward it and caught it midair.

Ellie's father, Lunar attacked Kiyo but Kiyo killed him with a swift blow. Blood started pouring out as the dying dragon said "You'll regret this" and then he died. The horrified Ellie grabbed the egg and flew away from Kiyo or anyone and came to rest in Thunderpeak Mountains

~ End of Flashback ~

Ellie had started crying and Zara was there all night comforting her and saying I'm sorry but Ellie would still not tell her anything. Zara does not know About her birth parents or who they were or how she came to be.

~ At the Thezwolf Empire ~

Thezwolfs stared at their leader in horror, Wolfie had gain total control of the illuminator and was going mad. They protected the empire from evil and most of all the talons of peace. A young dragon sat in the dungeons sniffling and in thought. His family was gone and so were his friends. "Hold it together Brett" snapped the young dragon as he kept thinking of a plan to escape.

-Back to Ellie and Zara-

Ellie and Zara kept walking until they heard sounds. The curiosity let them to Cloudy and DL. DL was a double rainbow dragon that shimmered. Cloudy was a white dragon that had red markings and somewhat of a divine glow to her. The talon's of peace's remaining member's. Wolfie was searching everywhere for them, especially Cloudy. "Wow.." Said Zara eagerly, "Ikr" whispered Ellie as they stood upon the last two members of noble dragons perhaps even royalty. They each introduced themselves and then Zara asked what weapons they used. "We use ice and water weapons, Cloudy had said, Ice freezes in our secret chambers where water also stays on the weapon by magic. Ice claws,sword you name it!" Suddenly DL cast a look at Zazara and gasped, She looked just like Queen Scarlet! Same dark blue colour, fire and water spirited eyes, This was the lost heir to the ancient dragon throne which Kiyo had taken over right now.

Ellie noticed and had thought she had no ambition to be queen or anything, but Zara would bring peace and happiness to this broken and sad world. A furious howl of wind and next, Kiyoflame. He had spied on them and now knew everything they said. "Pleasure...Meeting you" he said casually. He pounced at Zara as she screeched and held her tight. He then threatened "Ellie, come with me or the last heir to thrown dies." Ellie froze unable to resist his power, suddenly Cloudy and DL charged at him with ice claws flaring with coldness.He dropped Zara and started walking toward her with a fire sword. "I'm warning you" he said threateningly. Ellie said "Fine" and with that, Kiyo dropped Zara and flew away with Ellie following him.

Zara started crying with sadness, her sister was gone and why was she a heir to what throne? Suddenly it snapped back at her! The throne of Phyrria was Scarlets and then hers. She would confront Kiyo and seek Ellie back like a true queen would do. She said "Lets go take back my sister and the throne of Phyrria." They all flew into the night, silent as owls.

Meanwhile Mid-flight, Zara realized something... ' Not even a small scratch would be of any good... well to anyone in sight.'... This repeated as it stirred in Zara's mind... Was her sister being over protective? Surely just a scratch wouldn't do any harm... Then she realized that she has never been hurt... She's always been saved... Even from just a thorn...

"She is useless... Everyone draws blood from time to time! Just get rid of her! It's bound to happen! When it does, it's over!" the memory flashed in her head. Curiosity made her lead to something that maybe she didn't want to step into... But there might be things as to why her sister isn't telling her anything... There was only one way to find out...

Meanwhile in the palace of Phyrria...

Ellie woke up and found herself in a cage with another dragon. She asked for his name and he had replied Brett. Kiyo was not far from them walking into the room with his head held high and tail swaying excitedly. Ellie couldn't believe her eyes, this was supposed to be Zaras castle. "Maybe I shouldn't have left her..." said Ellie and thought What if Zara gets into trouble? What if shes hurt? But she only sat there and waited. Soon Wolfie would arrive to the palace.... and may kill her or Brett. Back to The Forest with DL, Cloudy, and Zazara

Soon, a castle was off in the distance, But it was late, and the group had to get some sleep. So the group decided to make a landing near some brush."Yep, I'm too tired to stand anymore... Darn wolves..." DL gasped as he collapsed on the ground."Ikr...." breathed Cloudy as she sat down.

"I'll go get something to eat..." Zara said, as she trotted off."Don't get too far, we wouldn't want you to get injured!" Cloudy exclaimed off in the distance. Zara has been far now. She searched through bushes, trees... anything would do... After 10 minutes she heard a rustle in the bushes."Perfect..." she whispered, as a deer appeared. Mean While... With Cloudy and DL

"I hope she's okay, she's been gone a whi-" Cloudy was interrupted by a slight snor coming from DL. She realized he was sleeping when she saw the rise and fall of his belly."Hmph, I guess I was talking to myself..." Cloudy whispered. Suddenly, she heard screaming. It was brief, yet alarming. Cloudy shot up, and ran toward the sound.

Back to Zazara

Energy packed in Zara's throat, as it burst through her, and silently drifted to the deer. A small shriek came from the deer. It was frozen, and helpless."I'm sorry..." Zazara said as she raised a claw... She never killed an animal before. As red flowed, whispers flowed in Zara's mind."Listen, little one..." a voice said."That castle indeed is your destination, but do not save your.... 'sister'..."

"Why? She needs to be saved... She needs my help!" Zara exclaimed.

"Oh, really? That only gives me a greater reason why you shouldn't let her go... She is using you!" The voice hissed."You... were meant to be a princess, a queen, even. But your sister took it all away, don't you see?"

"I..." Zara trailed off, she didn't know what to say.

"How about some more.... Convincing?"

Suddenly pain clouded Zazara, as she howled. Suddenly, she felt weird, like she forgot her sister, and the voice, and everything. All she could think of now was... She looked over to the castle... And heard howling off in the distance. She smiled. Ellie will know how powerful she is... and she will respect Zara!

"Zara! Zazara! Don't go!" Off in the distance, Zara could hear Cloudy, but a burst of blue lightning escaped her throat, and stunned her. Now, Zara had to get to Wolfie... She smiled.... For this is going to be quite fun.On her way, she flew into a young dragon who looked like easy prey, Zara was about to kill him when a white breath of ice was shot at her. Terrified, Zara flew toward the palace as fast as she could. The ice had come from Cloudy who had saved the dragon who was named Will as she met up with him back at the edge of the ravine. Will explained he wanted to join the talons of peace and the two allowed him to. Will also explained he had the power to control greek fire as his other two friends, Percy had the power to control water and Cydragon had the power to melt and reform into another. DL read the future silently and said "She is unstoppable, we need Scarlet!" Will stared at him and thought he was insane, he said "Scarlets Dead" coldly. Cloudy just said "Listen to him, he can't be wrong."

Meanwhile, within the palace of Phyrra...

Ellie took a deep breath. She hoped her sister was okay. She looked around. No one was in sight. But she could hear a slight whisper in another room. It sounded like a whisper of...regret?  She looked at the throne. A chill overcame her heart. She felt sorry for her sister. After losing the talons of peace, Zara also lost her castle.

Suddenly, the doors slammed open. Howling came through the doors. Wolfie. A wide grin spread across his face,  as he was already glaring at Ellie."Well, well, well! Looks like we have ANOTHER recruit. And I have you to thank, Ellie!" He padded over to her, and added, "She's my deputy, too. She put up a real good fight. I thought she was a weakling, but something in her just... Came out, and killed the last one. Quite the show!"

At first,  Ellie just stared. Then she sharply said,"What did you do to her!?"

"Actually, I did nothing. Now Ellie, tell me... Is she... Part of that one prophecy? Where, oh.. How do I say this? Two ancestors fuse together,  and make a whole nother monster when their memories trigger?"

Ellie stared. She was terrified. Did she draw blood?

"I don't know how we got this lucky, but, I am flattered, that you handed me one of the most strongest dragons, ever. Zara, we don't need her, you know what to do!" 

Zazara then appeared through the doors."We meet again... sister... Finally, I can tell you how I feel..." Then, her claws unsheathed, a voice sounded.

"Stop!" It was Kiyo as he stood in front of the cage claws unsheathed and ready to fight Zara. Wolfie just smiled and said "Killing twos the charm!" Zara was just about to kill both of them when a mega fireball shot at both of them. Zara jumped and flew up in surprise. DL burst through the room and yelled "I KNEW IT, I WASN'T WRONG" The talons of peace engaged battle with wolfies group. He had sent in more guards and recruits and Kiyo was forced to fight on his side or die. DL engaged battle with one of the guards Sheena and said "Why? Sheena Why?" Had he known her from somewhere? This was a complete mystery... Cloudy and Wolfie engaged a fierce battle as she shot all sorts of dangerous things at him. He said "Has light blinded you dear? Why don't we start over?" he teased evilly. Cloudy glared and said "You know what? Sure I will, When you rot in hell!" with that, she sent her deadly frostbreath at him. He stumbled back and said "Why?" softly. Cloudy left but as she left she used Aromatherapy on him so Wolfie wouldn't die. He stared at her in wonder, why had she done that?, But Cloudy only shot a look that said Keep this our little secret. Kiyo had freed Ellie but Zara was on them hot on scales. The only thing the talons had to do was to retreat. "Retreat!" yelled DL as he flew away. Everyone followed except Kiyo. He said "Goodbye, Ellie" as she flew away.

A short growlcame from Zara, as she glared at Kiyo. She said,"I didn't exactly want to kill her, anyways" She walked over to Wolfie, to check the damage."...Me neither..." said Kiyo absentmindedly.  When he realized what he just said, he shook his head,  and just walked off. 

The confused Wolfie stood up and only stared at Zara."Why....?" He whispered. Zara couldn't figure out what he meant, but she figured he was okay, now. The aromatherapy was doing its trick and healing the deadly frostbreath that Cloudy had left behind. Sheena sat there and was staring carefully at the engraved letters on the wall and was deep in thought. The talons retreated to somewhere no one knew it existed, the jewel caverns. This place was said to be where all the dragon queens were laid to rest when they died, the reason to come here was to resurruct Scarlet using the Dragon amulet that Scarlet had left behind for the talons. Cloudy found the pendent that said Scarlet in gold words and DL used his psychic powers to resurrect the soul. A bright flash appeared and Cydragon had to melt and reform into a shield to protect them from the light. A dark blue dragon with shimmering jewel incrested wings and all sorts of treasure on her walked over to them and said "Fancy meeting you Cloudy and DL." softly. She smiled at everyone but then looked at Ellie who looked so guilty and then Scarlet seemed to read her mind. She said "Ellie, its not your fault, she had to draw blood.The two ancestors Peril and Moon had laid the curse on all their heirs was to protect them." Scarlet suddenly stretched her wings and flew toward the castle. The only one who could catch up was Cloudy and DL. They had flown through these terrible storms before. Will had almost fallen when Percy pushed him back up and let the winds take Will to safety. It was almost past midnight when they arrived in front of the castle.

DL thought of a plan very quickly as all of them hid behind Cloudy and Cydragon who had become big bushes blocking anyone outside from view. They all agreed to the plan about taking out guards and going for all 3 bosses later. Cydragon and Percy quickly took out the guards while Will and Ellie took the other 2 down. They were halfway through the throne room when Wolfie, Kiyo and Zara jumped out from hiding and stared at Scarlet before attacking. "The queen of Pyrrhia is back i see." said Wolfie glaring at DL and Cloudy.  "How dare you talk to the queen like that !" shot Scarlet. She launched herself at Zara and Zara yelped in surprise and flew up. Kiyo stared at Ellie before attacking her with his bare claws. DL took after Sheena while Percy used his power of water and Cydragon reformed into a spear. Will summoned Greek fire to go after Zara.  Cloudy had struck Wolfie full force with the divine instrument, the solar flare and DL had struck him with Thunder Edge, a sacred glaive. 

Zara screamed at Kiyo to kill Ellie but he didn't, she shot herself at him but then DL blocked the hit for them. His wound started gashing blood and it was horrifying, Cloudy pushed Zara aside and she summoned a ray of healing to take DL somewhere safe to the healers.  She stared at Zara and then tried to claw Zara with all her might , but failed. Zara was about to kill Ellie and Cloudy when Kiyo knocked her aside and said "Leave, Now" Ellie left but Cloudy shot a look at Kiyo of confusion before leaving as well. The rest of the talons had left after almost killing wolfie but they got the dragon crown which they needed most. Scarlet went last casting a sad look at Zara before spreading her wings and flying. Suddenly, angry and sad, Zara shot up in the air, ignoring orders from Wolfie."COME BACK NOW!" She screeched. Scarlet swerved her wings, and turned around. She realized the tears streaming down Zara's face . Her eyes were glowing, red and blue. The frightening red begging for blood represented Peril. The calm, welcoming blue... was Moon.

"Why am I like this? Why can't I be like her? Why am I rto be shunned? " She looked deeply into Scarlet's eyes."Why did you do this to me?" She looked down, shook her head,  and smiled."It'll all be over... Very soon." Quick as lightning, she dashed over to Will, quickly enough, he was knocked down, but he didn't give up. Then she dashed over to Scarlet. "Go back to the grave where you belong." She whispered,  as she clawed her. A red mark appeared on her face. Ellie's eyes flamed with anger. 

"What's wrong? A scratch can't possibly hurt.... her! But you know what will?" Zara raised a claw,  then was inturrupted by Ellie. "Zazara, STOP!" Elektron dashed over, and knocked Zara down to the trees, but it was too late. Blood was dripping from Scarlet's belly."I can't just... kill her... I..." She tried to think. What should she do?

"Ellie... You have to do this. Kill her." Scarlet said, her eyes of hope.

"What!?" Gasped Ellie. 

"Trust me,  you have to do it, you're her sister, it's the only way to get her to stay sane. If this works, she won't die... But if it doesn't..." Scarlet looked up, and trailed off. "Just don't die on me, okay?" 

Ellie nodded, and she suddenly heard a loud boom. When she looked down, she noticed her sister, surrounded by trails of blue lightning. She then looked back again, Scarlet was gone mostly teleported to the healers of Pyrrhia. Ellie just stared at Zara, her filled with sorrow. She couldn't do it, She couldn't kill her but it was the only thing to do. A voice suddenly appeared, "YOU FOOL, KILL THE CYBERNETIC DRAGON." Ellie slowly realized who the voice was, Peril the first queen of ambition, daughter of Sakura, the protecter of Pyrrhia. Her ambition killed her mother and almost everybody around her.

The bright light nearly blinded Ellie. But she flew down. Would she die? Would her sister die? She didn't have any other choice. She flew downntoward the clearing, full of lightning, only to be knocked back by a heart chilling force. She tried once more, summoning the magics of lightning, but was seen, by her sisters desperate eyes."I can't kill you sister, please comeback!" Zara started to give in. "S-sister? NO! You will use me as a tool!"

Elektron edged closer, risking her life... But yet she felt like she had a chance... "Nonsense, little sister, you-" Ellie was inturrupted by the force of thereturning blue lightning.

"LEAVE ME BE, YOU LIAR!" The beconing of two voices were frightened. Ellie had to do something.... Something her mother did to Ellie while she was young...

Elektron took a deep breath, and calmly walked to her sister. She slowly raised her claws and scarred Zara in the neck.. "Wake up." She clawed again, Zara shocked and motionless."WAKE UP!" Zara shook her head, and just began to cry.

"I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry. Pleaseforgive me sister, I'm so sorry...." Zazara repeated over and over, until Ellie. Grabbed Zara with warm embrace and hugged her, as she teared up, as well.

"It's okay, I'm just glad you're back..." Ellie gasped, then a crowd began to form, including Wolfies group.

"What!?" Wolfie yelled.

"Love is more powerful than power itself." A mysterious voice said.

Wolfie turned around to see a glowing faint shape of a dragon, it was Moon the first ancestors that led the peace against Perils army. My dear Peril never realized that until the curse took her whole. She did it so that the ancient water dragon could not drown Pyrrhia. In the end, Peril payed the highest price of all sacrificing herself and dying in pain and anger. "I must go for the lost Peril now." he said and then vanished. Wolfie thought to himself about how he lost control and never cared for Cloudy after that incident and he left without a word and then disappeared. Kiyo watched all of this with sadness and thought, "I wish I had a family like that." Scarlet had flown back from the healers with DL and when she saw Zara back to normal, she hugged Zara very tightly. "Don't do this ever again, you hear me young lady?" she said sternly. Zara nodded carefully and promised to not hurt a soul. She apologized to DL and said "Sheena wants to meet you again, after 50 long years." Sheena flew out and hugged DL tightly, as she did she said "I never should have abandoned the talons of peace." she said almost crying. Sheena regrouped with them and they moved on to the even deadlier plan. Sheena had said Wolfie was actually working for the evil mastermind called JustinDaOne and Justin had said He will get his own empire. Other members include Leajey with the gift to poison and a prisoner called Bane who apparently is somewhat related to Sakura. Will and Cydragon are on a spy mission right now, Will with his power to control fire and Cydragon with his power to melt and reform, was a epic combination and Percy was sent as backup in case Justin used fire weapons...

A lone white wolf with red markings and divine reflector was watching them and said "Has the queen really returned?" and ran...

Every king and queen of the land has children. These children have a special role, to be the next ruler of that general kingdom. Queen Scarlet, for example, had two children. But another rule is that they both cannot take role, so only one is gifted, and the other is not. Then, there are the... other... kingdoms. They add a rule... To kill the one who is not gifted. For instance, Wolfie's Empire. He has had a sister, no one seems to remember. Even Wolfie, as cruel as he is, does not remember Shiranui.

But there was something else... For Wolfie not only has killed his sister, but he also stole the crown from her. As the brilliant glowing of Shiranui's coat continues... So does her hate... For she is alive. Shiranui would destroy her brother for her throne back, it was part of her mothers fault for always spoiling him saying he was a sacred deity. Amaterasu was wrong all this time, she was always there for him, she growled and killed a nearby squirrel in her anger. For she will take her throne back and make her cruel brother exiled and perhaps even dead. Shiranui went to see if anyone would help her and she clumsily stumbled upon Justin. Zara heard a majestic howl and started flying through the sky like a hurricane. Everyone sought to follow as the large band flew over to where the howl had came from. They hid behind bushes and spied into what was happening. "I'll kill you now i suppose?" said Shiranui coldly. "Why, that would waste all the fun though." shot Justin. Zara leaped out and said "I, Queen of Pyrrhia order you to stop harming this deity." she said regally and trying to look as noble as Scarlet did. "That's my little girl" Scarlet whispered happily. "Who are you?" glared Justin. "Queen of Pyrrhia, daughter of Scarlet and commander of the dragon crystals." Now Justin was surprised, the dragon crystals could be used for good and evil but its huge amount of power was very intense and harsh. He stared at Zara for a moment then got into a attack position. Cloudy flung a shard of crystal at him and the blood oozed out, for a second Justin just stared but then retreated. Scarlet stepped out and said "I was thinking, I should go back to my grave, being out has somewhat upset the balance of the dead and alive." She put something on Zaras talons, the night crystal, only used at pierce darkness and can resurrect a single soul, use it wisely. Scarlet hugged Zara and Ellie and then flew away. "Goodbye" Zara breathed as she kept on walking. Within hours, the band had reached Justins hideout and where Cydragon,Percy and Will was waiting for them. Will had gone undercover and told them that Cydragon turned into a statue to spy on them. Percy had drowned the outside so no one could escape at all. As the team flew in, on a gold throne sat Justin with anger in his eyes as he stared at all of them especially Zara while he glared at his wound then at Cloudy for hurting him. "You should die for hurting a single scale." he said vainly. Cloudy shot "Well you idiota, stop being so vain and challenge me!"

Justin started to rise from the throne, Cloudy threw a spear at him, the gash started to grow larger as blood started flowing out. Wolfie growled and attacked Cloudy for hurting Justin. Zara knocked him aside with a slap of her tail. Then, Zara pounced onto Wolfie and stared into his eyes. After moments, Wolfie just nodded to Zara's staring silence, and quietly whispered to her,"Of course. I will do it.... And I promise I won't tell anyone... Except for Cloudy, of course." Wolfies face was blank, as Zara clawed herself in the underbelly, and screamed,"Retreat!!!"

Cloudy took one last gash at Justin, but still left him with only a few scars that would still keep him living. So they all flew away. Something Zara failed her plan at, is that Cloudy had heard something, only enough to think that Zara is turning... again. Cloudy decided to keep this to herself, though... Until she finds more evidence. "Seal it...said a voice, Seal the curse of the dragon queen!" Said a furious voice. A young dragon stood huddled in the corner concentrated on her magic to seal curses as her mentor stood over her watching her carefully. The mentor encouraged the young dragon named Topaz to keep practicing to seal the evil that spreads.

Topaz was having a very difficult time with this sorcery, for that dragon knew the consequences. But, there was something that kept the dark magic growing, as if there was an everlasting hate within the dragon queen... For it is to be her fate, not Topaz's alone, but her fate to get rid of the darkness. But there was something both Topaz, and the mentor realized... The dark magic possessed something of great power. Something nobody will never understand... A power that she doesn't realize, nor can control... for now.

  • Flash Back*

"graawr...." A young Elektron growled, always amazed and fascinated by the elders' tales. "I shall have the greatest empire of them all!" she announced, proudly. "Haha! But not on my watch, for my empire will crush your pathetic and weak so called,'empire'!" Kiyoflame spat, teasingly."Oh! What ever shall I do?" sarcastically says Ellie, in a playful battle stance.

"I challenge you in a duel, then!" Kiyo cried, nearly a mirror image with Ellie. As they attacked each other, they were suddenly interrupted by by a wail of a dragon."Elektron!!! Come see!" Falling over, Ellie gasped when she realized what was happening. Kiyo's curiosity, turned into a slight anger as he, too realized what was happening."Aren't you coming?" Ellie said, excitement running through her green glowing electric vanes."No," Kiyo said, coldly,"I'll... wait." Ellie did not have time to give him any type of look before she had to go.

Kiyoflame kicked a rock. Ever since it came, she's been gone. We all know it's defective, and it doesn't deserve the quality a normal egg has... He suddenly flinched at a flash back.'Why doesn't he have a face? I don't like it, it shall die. It looks like... like...' Anger flowed through Kiyo's expressionless face as the thoughts ran through his head.

"Has something caught your mind... Kiyo?" a voice purred. Odd enough, the purring came from... Wolfie... "What do you want?" Kiyo said as he only turned his head, as a wolf was standing behind him."Hehe..." Wolfie chuckled,"I assure you, that you already know..."

  • End of flash back*

A sun and moon had passed, as the group was hunting for food. Zara was sitting at the edge of the cliff, as Ellie came to join in."... are you sure you're not hungry? We do have a long journey..." Ellie seemed worried, but her mind was already flooded with something else to deal with. So was Zara, after what happened, they were both a little shocked at what has happened lately.

"It just all came so quickly..." Zara mumbled, she continued but the words were muffled by the others' vigorous chewing. Ellie, decided to stay with Zara, and eventually persuaded her to go on a nice stroll. Suddenly Will flew past, breathing heavily, and landed in front of Ellie and Zara."Elek... Zara..." he puffed."DL is gone..."

"What?" a voice said,"I'm right here!" Just then, a silhouette of a double rainbow dragon appeared."Oh... goodness, that's good... we need to get to Cloudy so we can divide up.

"And... why would we want to separate?" Ellie protested.

"Be... cause... we need to find a way to get out of the forest!" Will stammered.

Ellie only replied by turning around and to fly, as Zara started to follow, but turned around."Alright you two, is everything planned?"

"Yes, Zara," The false Will replied,"In fact, Cloudy nor Ellie have not a single clue."

"Good." Zara tried to stay stern, but failed, and broke out in a sigh."Ugh... I wish I could tell sister... But I'm afraid I can't..." Zara shook her head to focus.

"Okay, Wolfie, you will make Cloudy head towards 'you know what'. Once you get far enough, tell her. And you," Zara turned to the fake DL."-will ambush Ellie in towards the target. Then, you must tell her that I am gone, and you have captured me."

"Got it." The two said, as they began to fly. They eventually, disappeared, as Zara collapsed on the ground."Oh.... I hope they don't think I've betrayed them..." Suddenly, she saw something sparkle, it was the talon accessory she was given by Scarlet. Suddenly, Zara began to wonder something about Ellie, as if she realized something... but then, it just vanished... "Not scientifically possible, just no." said the dragon scientist Antonio as he followed Justin. They were both planning a little visit to Kiyo and make him spill the beans. Kiyo stayed in his room his thoughts on Ellie and Zara.. Wolfie managed to track down Cloudy after a few minutes and he had told Cloudy to follow him. Cloudy narrowed her eyes at him for acting very un-Will like but she still followed him. DL followed Ellie as he said "Hold up Ellie!" She turned around and at that moment DL attacked. Ellie managed to dodge a few attacks as she yelled "What are you doing?!?!" DL said nothing but kept attacking. He managed to get her near the target just in time as Wolfie stopped with Cloudy. They both looked at Wolfie and DL as the two dragonesse's said "Whats going on?!" Wolfie and DL replied "We've captured Zara, you'll never see her again!", then Wolfie cracked a evil laugh.

"Idiot.." Breathed Cloudy as she stole back to back with Ellie, "You sure are right" said Ellie as she prepared a lightning attack. Suddenly a dark blue streak of lightning appeared, Zara had come...

  • Flashback*

"It's obvious what you want Kiyo" said Wolfie slyly washing his paws out and styling the fur with his tongue. "You could never know, said Kiyo, What I want is something I could never have!" Wolfie stared at him with glimmering green eyes as he turned and started to murmur to himself. Kiyo's thoughts flooded through him, Ellie, a egg and the brave guide of dragon guardians. 3 members who were childhood friends made it and it was the most popular guide ever now. He wondered if he should join it with Ellie and maybe even her little sister may be able to join it when she hatched. He flew silently away to find Ellie and hopefully the guide.

Kiyo had gotten Ellie to come with him as they reached the guide. It said Wanna join The Talons of Peace? Test yourself out with one of the founders today! Kiyo and Ellie nervously walked through the guides welcoming doors. A signup sheet was at the desk made out of dragon wood and what time to come. A rainbow dragon with 2 heads came over and said "Come on you two, I know you just signed up but you two dragonets are something special! He smiled warmly and led them to a furnished room with lots of carpet and comfy furniture, on two chairs sat two more dragons, both dragoness's with a warm look on their face. The guild members looked very young as she met all of them. DL stold up and said "Sheena will count your total scores, and please fight like real dragons, most dragons care only about themselves!" snorted DL. Ellie had attacked Cloudy while Kiyo attacked DL, the two suffered a little from Kiyo and Ellies attack. Ellie stared at Kiyo, amazed at how hard his attack was and thought "He must be really good, but anything he can do I can do better!" as she fired a thunderbolt at Cloudy. Cloudy opened her mouth and ice shot out straight at Ellie. Ellie knew how bad the ice could effect you but then the ice didn't do anything when it hit her. It was a spell that dosent give pain when used...

After a few more minutes DL stold up panting and said "Congratulations youngsters, you made it in!" Ellie stared at Kiyo in shock, "OMG, Seriously?" She asked, "Yup" DL replied. Suddenly a member ran in and said "The wolves kingdoms princess died, killed by her brother over the throne!" he said shocked. "I knew it..." said DL not even surprised at all. "How did he..?" asked Kiyo shocked but Cloudy just said "Reading the future is his gift." "We'll go with the two new members said DL, show em what the guild does." The others nodded as they prepared, weapons, some food, and some water as a talisman of protection. "What do we need that for?" Said Ellie curiously. "We'll be passing spirit woods said Sheena, the spirits may try to kill you and pocess you. "Wow..." said Ellie shaking as Kiyo had to step on her talon to stop. "Cloudy knows what to do, said Sheena, she was practically raised there." Ellie stared at Cloudy in shock as she said "The dragons with the gift of ice are raised in the spirit woods." They set off for the woods, as they flew Ellie and Kiyo started to see a faint outline of the forest as they made way for it. The forest had eerie sounds and scary glows as the group walked through, Sheena kept Kiyo under her wing because of the forest dangers and so did Cloudy with Ellie. "Why don't we fly? asked Ellie, its much easier." Cloudy smiled and said "If we fly then we can get lost, the forest deity Mozuki won't allow it. "Mozuki? Asked Ellie, the guardian of the forests here?" Cloudy nodded as she walked on, as she passed a tree, glimmering eyes shot out of it but Cloudy just said "Keep walking and don't look."

They gradually got out of the forest and in the wolf kingdom they went. Everyone fly very quickly to the castle as they stared at the blood that was everywhere. Wolfie stared at them and said "I killed her because it was my throne and she stole it, she died though." DL knew it was false but he still said nothing as he kept glaring. Sheena pinned him down as she was about the exhale her water breath on him as she said "IDIOT, you've caused the kingdom to unbalence into sides." Wolfie kept calm and pushed her aside as he said "My goal is to create a perfect empire, just like everyone elses." Ellie gasped That was her idea as she stared at Kiyo in shock, Kiyo stared back blankly. Wolfie must have noticed their gasps because he said "You foolish dragonet, I can see through you easily." He tried to kill Ellie and Kiyo but a dagger had missed him by a hair as he stold back. "Who threw that?" He howled in anger as he looked all ways. "I did you idiot!" the voice side as a graceful pale blue dragon landed beside the guild.

"The names Destiny" she said as she smiled at them. "DESTINY?! Yelled DL, Where's Miracle?" Destiny's smile faded as she said "She died, killed by Justin in a duel." Ellie stared at the older dragons confused, DL must have sensed her confusion because he said "Miracle and Destiny are the guardians that guard over the gate that allows dragons and wolves to pass over each others kingdoms. Justin has killed Miracle and broken the balance greatly though..." He said sadly as he told Ellie and Kiyo. Destiny stared at Wolfie, her look saying, lets finish this now...

Wolfie jumped at Destiny claws unsheathed, as Destiny dodged with grace. What stamina thought Wolfie as he clawed at her. Destiny tooka a few steps back as her wound bled a little. She stabbed him with her claws and a few moments later, her claws were soaked with blood. Kiyo stared at her in amazement as how she gave no mercy to enemy's who betrayed the dragon/wolf code. The code givin by the ancient dragon Dayatora and the ancient wolf Tsurara had givin a code that gave dragons and wolves peace. When Destiny was going to give the final blow, a shadowy dragon appeared. It was Justin, he pinned Destiny down and was planning to kill her but then, a spirit gave her strength to push him aside. Justin swiftly clawed her neck as blood gashed, he then clawed at her heart, the whole place was a bloody mess as Destiny's last words she gasped as she pointed at Ellie and Kiyo, "they will kill him together..." As she shock and died peacefully. "Ridiculous" he said as he took the lifeless body by claw and flung it. "NOOO, Destiny!" yelled DL as he tried to charge at Justin. Justin flung him back and said "Im the new empires king, everyone must join me. Sheena said "Never" while Cloudy stayed silent and just expressed ... Justin had asked Cloudy for a answer but all she did was open her mouth and shot a icicle at him. The gash hit him in the heart as he howled in pain and the talons fled through a teleport portal. Sheena got through the portal and said "Kids, Leave. now. Im sorry but this is far too dangerous for you." The members hugged Ellie and Kiyo as they said "All of you will save this broken land someday." as they all disappered...

  • End of Flashback*

Ellie kept fighting till she screamed "WHERES ZARA?!" then she pushed the two aside and flew. Cloudy stayed behind and fought against the two as Ellie flew.

-Justins palace-

"A long time ago, Justin began, someone said that you and another and her sister will ultimately save this broken land. It has never occured to me that you could save this land until now. How would it matter if I killed one of your old guides members? Im thinking of the one who pierced my heart with a icicle, the only dragon born with the gift of ice in this kingdom? A little revenge, sweet revenge eh?" as he walked on. Justin had left the room when 2 spirits appeared in dim light. "Get up Kiyo, Get up" the first one said. Kiyo stared at the faint outline of a dragon, "D-D-Destiny?" he stammered. "Yes, it is me and that is Miracle. She said pointing to the other dragon." Kiyo hung his head sadly as he slumped back down again in grief as Destiny said "Ellie and you will ultimately kill him, don't give hope up! she said sternly, Someone will come and the battle will be over. said Miracle, Don't give all this up!" The words echoed in Kiyo's head as they disappeared into the mist. Kiyo stared at the sky as night was falling and thought me.

A gloomed voice shock into Kiyos room as it told the story of Pyrrhia. "Once up a time, two dragons came to this land. The flame tempered one, Peril, and the calm on Moon. Peril was the daughter of a forest queen Sakura and Moon was the son of the ancient water dragon Silverfrost. The two fell in love but their parents denied it, Peril gained a evil power out of her power and killed almost everybody with it. The water dragons managed to kill her but her egg, tainted with her blood, was alive and the evil has been passed down till today." Kiyo listened carefully and thought, Zara is the descended.

"Whew... no they will be looking everywhere for me in a different castle..." Zara gasped as she was running toward Justin's Palace. Suddenly, a rustle in the bushes interrupted Zara, and made her pause.

-Flashback- "Zara... It is up to you to get him, he is part of the prophecy!"

"Yes... Got it... But he doesn't like me... So it will be hard..."

"I understand"

Zara turned and started to fade out of the dream.

"Oh, wait, you will meet an old friend, too! You must-" -End of Flashback-

  • Rustle*

"Gah, who's there!?" Zara snapped out to the real world. Suddenly, the shrubs ignited with blue flames. Zara stood back. Could it be? Suddenly the flames turned lavender, beginning to make a shape of a large bird. She couldn't mistake it now.... it... it was...

"Why.. Hello there... Zazara." The Phoenix said.

"F-Flame..." Shocked, Zara said,"I... I thought you were..."

"Tis a lie!" He chuckled,"I'm very glad to see you once again!" As if foretelling the future, Flame dimmed his flames, making them not harm the quickly approaching Zara. She ran, wings spread, and gave him a large hug. "I'm so happy you're alive..." Zara said, welling with tears.

-Hours later- "So... What's the plan?" Flame said.

"Well, it so happens, that he is usually located at the heart of the chambers... So it can be hard.. But, I have managed to get the right solution..." Zara nodded, looking around herself, as if she was imagining the she was inside her plans. They decided to take the backdoors that led to the chambers where prisoners were held. Just as they expected, there were guards guarding the giant cage inside the chamber. "Wait here Zara." Said Flame before flying off and moments later, he came back with a guard disguise. "Leave this up to me"he said winking and marching up to the guards as he talked about the duty switch time and the guards flew off in a hurry to get a bite to eat. Zara managed to creep up to the cage to see that Kiyo was chained and unable to move. Flame blasted the cage open and all the chains as Kiyo slipped out of them. He stared at Flame and Zara with the expression ...? as Zara said "Come with us, we have to go." Kiyo just looked at her and said "Why..should" Zara got nervous and made something up on the spot, "Umm, Ellie told me to!" Kiyo looked at her as Flame put in "Ellie really said that." Kiyo relunctly gave up and followed them. They flew out the castle in speed as they descended upon the forest where the other members were. Ellie saw Zara and ran over to hug her and said "I thought you were captured! Why didn't you tell me you were going to save Kiyo?" Zara replied with "I'm sorry, I didn't want you hurt" as the sisters kept hugging. Wolfie and the false DL had flown left as the real Will and real DL came back. They both said "Long story" at Ellie as they apologized. She eventully forgave them and soon it was just like old friends. Cloudy sat in the corner, not talking to anyone but staring at the crystal heart she found.

"Are you okay?" asked Zara when she noticed Cloudy hadn't join in on the party the members had. Cloudy only stold up and told her a story of true love.

  • Flashback*

The crystal heart was in her talons as she flew, Cloudy knew all this heart hunting would result in death. She took her wind fleuret sword out as she tried to defend herself. When she lost them, the sad Cloudy knew carrying the heart would mean death and violance so she threw it in the river of lost memories. The prophecy said "True love would heal the heart" and knew whoever had true love would break the hearts curse.

  • End of Flashback*

"What you say is, the heart is for love?" asked Zara. Cloudy nodded as she kept the crystal heart in the bag.

Justin scrampered around the castle as he kept muttering to himself "Those fools did it again, I'll kill one of them myself." He got his weapons ready as he flew out to the forest.

DL had started whinning that they had been walking for days and no rest, he read the future as it said Someone will die. They were almost at another town when a thud landed in front of them. "JUSTIN" everyone yelled as they got into the attack position. "I'm going to kill one of you!" he snarled as he flung himself at everyone. "Kill me then!" yelled Cloudy with her light lambrent sword in talon. He went for Zara instead, but Cloudy was faster. She blocked Zara from Justin as the sword went deep into her heart. At the same time she shoved her light lambrent in his heart as both of them started bleeding to death. Justin pulled the sword out and fled but Cloudy, the healers were miles away and the lose of blood was too great. Everyone huddled around as her life drained. She gasped "Protect the heart, it will guide you." As she shook once and DIED. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" yelled DL and Sheena as they huddled around their friend. Zara and Ellie started crying while Kiyo shed a few tears and looked very sad. Will, Cydragon, and Percy each got flowers for everybody as everyone gathered around and sent their blessings. Alas, they buried her on memory hill...

Zara turned around, and realized Cloudy's sword, still bloody, was there. She walked toward it, whispers beckoning her to pick it up. "It's over..." Zara said, lightly touching the sword."This doesn't belong to me..." She said, as she picked it up.

"What... what are you doing... and what do you mean by... over?" Ellie said, as Zara turned around to face them.

"The prophecy.... it's..." Zara shook her head."Pathetic! Why did she do that?!" She began to whip around the sword, as the others were staring. Tears were running down Zara's face, as DL said,"Prophecy? And what in great tale do mean by that?!" A hushed voice came over the winds as it said "She did it to protect you and the prophecy."

"TEN." was the only reply as winds of cold began to surround Zara and the sword."IT'S OVER!!!" She then suddenly whipped the sword toward the others, and they were knocked back by the powerful force. Then, Zara dropped down, and stabbed the sword through the earth, and backed away. "Funny, it was just like the last one... Now it makes sense... Karana was the mother of Sakura..."

"What the...?" Kiyo gasped.

"We need to get to Wolfie, and we need Justin. I can explain everything else later." Zara said as she finally looked up.

"I have a plan."

Zara explained about the moonlight crystal which they had and mixing it with the dewdrop of heavens. "One thing, Justin has the dewdrops." Zara growled. Mixing them together will revive and heal so bringing Cloudy back to life. Killing Justin will give dewdrops as he has them, wash Cloudys blade and we'll kill him with it was the plan. They reached Justins castle at nightfall as Ellie and Kiyo kicked the door open and got to the throne room. Justin stood there with Wolfie but Wolfie was fighting Justin instead. "Arrogant wolf." said Justin. The gang barged in and said "HEY YOU" as they fought with their blades. After awhile of fighting, Justin stold back exhausted. Zara charged at him with Cloudys sword shimmering and yelled "DIE,THATS WHAT YOU GET." And stabbed him hard. Zara stold back amazed, that sword was fast! No wonder Cloudy was fast when engaged in battle. Justin stold back as Justin drank a potion. "Heres your dewdrops." He spat and left. Zara poured a drop on the crystal. The magic morphed into a bottle of elixer. "Lets go!" said Ellie nd everyone flew. They got to the hill and DL poured 2 drops on the spot. The two drops led light to burst from the ground. Then as light shimmered all about, a outline shaped, Cloudy was back. Cloudy stold there and said "I'm back ain't I?" and hugged everyone. "Group hug!" said Sheena as everybody hugged each other. "Heres your sword back." Said Zara. Cloudy took it and nodded a thanks as she drew another one. The wind flueret, a deadly sword when used. "We need all the help we can get!" Said DL, "Justins planning a terrible battle!"

The group met up with Topaz, a young dragon who said she would join them only if they let her cure Zaras curse. Topaz let the purification magic swirl around for a couple of minutes, then let it cure. The dark magic started swirling out as everyone watched in amazement, a few minutes after, Zara was cured. She nodded her thanks to Topaz and the group set moving. "The evil forces are near.." said Flame as they kept on walking to the hills. Sheena suddenly sat down and said "Ok everybody, lets get into position. DL find what attacks they might use and etc,p with your ability. Ellie, Zara, Cloudy, Flame, Kiyo and Will decide on front lines battle and backup please, Cydragon and Percy, protect Topaz because she will be our healer and I myself will be our blacksmith." The battle was to be held at the starburst beach a few days later. Dragons will pick sides, death will be deadly as ever right now. "We're all like family, we will protect each other with hearts desire." said Will.

Everybody agreed to the this and set moving. Sheena set her tools up and after. A day of work, gave the everyone something. "Zara, a silver sword of the gifted peak, Silivera. Ellie a blade of the lightning gods Thundaria. Kiyo, a blade of night, Luna. Will, the dagger Tsukuyomi for you, Percy, the dagger Neptuna for you and Cydragon, the dagger Nagi for you. Topaz, the sword of the healers Darmaru for you. DL, heres the Floral sword you deserve. Cloudy, I upgraded your light lambrent for you." Everybody said Thanks to Sheena but then Will pointed "Wheres your sword Sheena?". Sheena started to look worried but then Cloudy gave her the wind fleuret for her to use, "Remember, speed and hope is what makes the sword deadly, not just power." Cloudy warned.

  • Flashback*

"Its over.." Her eyes filled with tears as she said it.. as her last breath escaped. "No!" yelled the other as she tried to kill the dragon. Justin fought bravely with her as they killed the last boss. The dragoness panted heavily then fell to the ground exhausted. "Tsurora, don't die like Kurrowia did!" said Justin. "I'm not going to dummy, I'm alive and I will stay alive!" shot Tsurora back. Then, a mysterious dragon shot Tsurora with a posionous arrow and it pierced her heart. As she collapsed to the ground, as she said,"I'm such a liar... Should've had some wood to knock on..." She shook her head. "Don't forget about me.." as she closed her eyes, and entered an endless sleep. Justin furiously clawed at the cloaked dragon but the dragon had disappeared. He buried Tsuroras body and clenched revenge for the world hating him. His anger caused the darkness magic to control him and make him indestructible."You'll pay.." he said as the last of the magic got to him.

  • End of Flashback*

"Sis Puella Magica?" asked Zara confused and puzzled. "Yes, said the voice, You'll find out soon enough." The group had met up with Shiranui as she got herself ready for the battle. "I will join she said. To bring happiness and hope back to this broken land." Shiranui had agreed to meet them at the border of the beach soon as she said she needed more supplies to go. They agreed to this and said a Goodbye before going to the separate paths.

Zara started to think about Topaz and her spell... She never felt evil, ever since that one time... It seemed as she was following the group(in which she was behind to clear her head)was talking about 'special surprise' and Zazara. Ellie just kept vigorously nodding her head in agreement. On acation, others would glance at her from time to time, but it seemed they were fine with her in the back, since they could talk privately."Look, Zara needs a crowning day cause she didn't get a proper one, we should have it after the battle." said DL. Percy suggested a party as well and they all agreed to the crowning and party. "We need a crowning song though, I don't know any ones." said Sheena worriedly thinking. "No problem, I know one that will fit perfectly." said Cloudy. "We need a choir and a music group though." They decided to put Sheena,Topaz,Cy, and Percy for singing and DL, Cloudy, Flame and Willfor musicians.

The group had been walking for awhile but then Cloudy jerked around and said "I want to show you something." and she flew very quickly, the others had a hard time keeping up with her until they reached what was covered in moss and vines two gates. "The first one is the portal between empires but the second one is the gate to the future time and and past time." said Cloudy softly. "Is there a 3rd?" asked Cy as he gazed suspiciously at the giant space between the two. "Legend says theres one that can change your fate and your destiny, but its a miracle if that ever happens." said Cloudy. Ellie gasped, Destiny and Miracle were in that sentence! Cloudy put her talon along the time gates as the gates creaked open. "Granddaughter of Destiny, I welcome you." as the gates fully opened. "All of you will see your pasts, now come along." she said as she leapt through the doors. "Take us back in time." she called. The others followed her, they had no idea what was to happen but suddenly each and every dragon split like stars apart to go to their own pasts...

  • Ellies past*

Ellie was playing joyfully with her friends as her parents took all of them on a picnic. "Can't catch me Bane!" yelled the young Ellie as the young Bane tagged Sept instead. "Oof, you got me again!" she said crossly and then chased after Kiyo. Then another flashback appeared of Zaras egg in her mothers talons as they all stared at in amazement at the shimmering dark blue egg. "Its beautiful mother." said the slightly older Ellie as she was proud to be a big sister. Some scenes were showed of happy normal life and free time with her friends until the last one where Scarlet died holding Zaras egg close to her. The Ellie now shook with sadness as she remembered it.

  • Kiyos past*

Kiyo woke up as he was in his old home with his mother and father. He could tell his mother was worried about something as she said slowly "Kiyo, you've been cursed with no face." This had shocked Kiyo greatly and he had felt like a outcast after that. Then he met Ellie and the gang as he became friends with them. "You..guys are...awesome." he said happily. The next few scenes were like Ellies as his final was witnessing the war and death of almost every dragon. "No..." he said as he tried to claw the scene but it wouldn't disappear.

  • Zara's Past*

What stood in front of Zara was a battle between two dragons."If I can't have you... then... then NO ONE CAN!!!" One dragon said in tears. Zara flinched, as she realized they were battling. Both of the had a long, blade that was alike, but the enchantments were different. One of Lightning, and the other of water. The battle lasted a while, until finally, there was a white light, and two dragons became one. There was now only one dragon that appeared, standing grand, proud and tall, but tears were flowing, as a sword stood in front of the dragon. It flowed with water and lightning, only the grand magics of both light and dark can combine them. Suddenly, the dragon shot a look straight at Zara, and fear of memories overcame her...

  • Sheenas past*

"Die you useless dragon." a curt voice echoed as the dragon tried to kill Sheena. "If I die, then I will break the elemental gem that allows the crossing Dimi..." Sheena broke off as she backed the dragon toward the door. "I'M SENDING YOU BACK DIMITEA!" yelled Sheena as she shot her weather breath at the dragoness's eyes. Dimitea was blinded for a second before she leapt back through the door. "Good" breathed Sheena as she walked away from the door and threw the gem far where no one would find it.

  • Cloudys Past*

"Your going to die trying..." said DL as he stared at her hard. They were also watching the battle against Scarlet and the egg but Cloudy said she would've gone down there to fight. "Remember the prophecy? We have to keep it alive." replied Cloudy as she got ready to jump down into the fighting mess. "I'll go" said a voice as the dragon jumped down with her sword raised. "Korrina, you idiot!" yelled DL at the dragon as he tempted to see what her future was. he turned around and said "Cloudy-, Oh great now what?" he said. He flew down where the dragons were all fighting and yelled "Lets finish this!" he stabbed the last dragon hard as Cloudy sliced the dragon. "Wheres Korrina?" asked Cloudy curiously. "Dead" said DL as they found their old friend dead on the blood soaked ground...

  • DLs past*

"Is this what you wanted?" asked a voice coldly to DL. "Yes, I wanted that gift and stop bugging me Miracle." shot DL back at Miracle as she glared at him with her amber eyes staring fiercely into him. "Well, i picked what i couldn't inherit from my parents so i wanted just to be like them!" yelled DL at her. Mircales gaze softened as she stared at him. "I know what happened to them, the doors will tell..." she said as she flew away and breathed "Goodbye". DL thought doors? What doors? Miracle came back after awhile as she said "The doors that stand here and now, the clouded ice will break its lock." she said as she added "Im breaking into Justins.Now." she said as she turned and left. DL just stared at her in shock and confusion.


I will be adding the rest of the group members past on Tainted Bloodlines because writing it all here is taking up room, STAY TUNED.

The doors led them back to the present time as the leaf engraved gates sealed again. DL knew what Miracle meant the whole time, these doors will tell them anything they desired. "Lets leave.." said Cloudy not turning back as she flew straight toward the direction the battle was to be held.


Zara watched as blood splattered everywhere. She saw an ice beam impaling the rainbow scales. She then saw a streak of green lightning, and the force of many arms attacking each other. She saw a brown dragon trying to flee, but was then caught by Zaras grasp, as she slit his throat, and left him bleeding to death.

The rest was blurry, but she could make out fire and meteors hitting the earth.

The prophecy.... was supposed to make this not happen.... why is this happening?

Suddenly a white, bright light appeared. It was a door that had appeared. The doorways still there.

Suddenly Zara woke with tears running down her face, still glowing. Was this dream going to happen? END OF FLASHBACK

"How much longer?" whined Topaz as she walked beside Kiyo staring at the dragons height above her. Kiyo stared down at her and looked like he was smiling. Kiyo, smiling? thought Topaz puzzled as she told Cloudy who was next to her. Cloudy had bursted out laughing as everyone stared at her like she had went insane for a second there. DL stopped and said "We're almost there, the battlefield awaits us. They are using the same strategy they have used before so we just do what we practiced ok?" said DL staring ag everyone. He got a Ok reply before brushing the bushes open to reveal a battlefield. The water was crystal clear and it looked like paradise. "No, it can't be.." Breathed Ellie as she stared at the place with amazement. The group flew out into the middle were some ruins stold waiting for them. Suddenly, a loud roar had come from somewhere, Justin and his crew had come, at the same time a howl had come from somewhere as well, Shiranui and her tribe.

Justin glared at the group as he said "Easy prey to kill." and got his troops ready. Shiranui was organizing hers while Wolfie just stold there uncomfortably under the furious gaze of Shiranui and Cloudy. "ATTACK!" yelled Justin as his troops attacked Shiranuis tribe and the talons. "GO" yelled the talons as they all attacked dragons. Cloudy went face to face with Wolfie as she spread her wings and attacked him hard. He fell back and found he was bleeding and finally, he gave up and waited for his life to end. "Forgive me Destiny.." whispered Cloudy as she signaled Topaz to heal Wolfie. Topaz did as told but she gave Cloudy a confused look when she was told to heal a enemy." Kiyo and Ellie fought the soldiers away quickly as suddenly, Justin was right infront of them. "What do we have here?, a princess and a faceless dragon don't we? More prey to kill." he grinned darkly and raised his blade at them. Ellie stared at her sword, it was good and attacked hard but she knew Justins blade was lighter and faster to attack.

Ellie had no choice but said "Kiyo, raise your blade to the sky like mine as a call for help. Lets just hope someone with a quick blade comes." Zara saw Ellie and Kiyo and rushed toward them. A wolf grabbed her tail as she quickly slapped the wolf with it. Blood started pouring out of the wolf as she kept on flying. Zara knew she might not make it but didnt give the risk up still. Just as she hoped, Cloudy made it first blowing half the soldiers off Ellie and Kiyo. She had scratches all over her but she still fought until she got to Ellie and Kiyo. "I know your blades arn't as fast but heres the plan, you fly up then go seperate directions where they can't see you. Topaz is waiting there and she is with Sheena who got seriously injured. Go and check your wounds out." she said as they flew away. Cloudy turned around and faced Justin, "You kill a royal heir, you upset the balence." she snarled at him.

As Justin was about to attack, a blade went through him like rose thorns. DL had come with the floral sword in talon as dealt a blow on Justin. Justin opened his faintly and said "Tsurora, I'm joining you soon." he said happily and died. DL raised his blade to the air and said "Justin is dead, end this battle!" The battle stopped as the troops all went to get the injurys checked out and drank some water or rested. Most were very horrified Justin died and went to grieve for him. Zara then stold up and said "Stop this battle, let us join the kingdoms together and live in peace." Her voice calling out to everyone. Suddenly voices called out "All hail Queen Zara!, The new queen!" as Zara smiled. Everyone was cleaning up as the cracked stone on the middle of the ruins started to glow. "The great healing, said Cloudy, special dead dragons will be revived and the broken will be healed." she told everyone. Dragons started appearing before them Tsurora, Destiny, Miracle, and Justin.

"Why is Justin back??" asked DL surprised and narrowing his eyes at him. Destiny replied with "He's part of something important and he is calm now, the dark magic is gone." The great healing had healed the entire land as peace had flown itself back to Pyrrhia. Flame approached the castle and said "Well, lets get ready!" he said as he flapped his wings and something happened in the castle. The crew flew started to fly to the castle of the dragon queen where lots of others dragons were setting up. "Whats this?" asked Zara curiously as Flame said "You'll see.."

-Fast Forward, a week later-

"I'm not ready for this!!" whined Zara as Ellie slipped another necklace over her and breathed "Perfect". The two sisters were getting ready for Zaras coronation day as Zara kept taking deep breaths. They each had been decorated with jewels and necklaces for the special occasion. "Time to go.." said Ellie dragging Zara to where they were supposed to enter. The doors swung open and Zara walked in, trying to look as regal as she could be, the dragons started playing a song Sis Puella Magica, must have been what Shiranui was talking about.
Madoka Magica - TAMUSIC キュウべえの営業テーマ フィナーレ

Madoka Magica - TAMUSIC キュウべえの営業テーマ フィナーレ

The music stopped as Destiny, the older of the sisters approached Zara while Miracle had a crown in her talons. Destiny asked gently "Are you ready?". Zara replied with a "Yes" as Destiny said "From this until a new queen is born, Zara is the Queen of Pyrrhia!" as Miracle handed her the crown. Destiny put it on Zaras head as she said "Congratulations!" and walked off. Ellie ran up and hugged Zara as she said "I'm so proud of ya lil sis!" and walked off to join the party at the ballroom...

Zara walked to the ballroom where everyone was dancing or eating and having fun. She saw that Kiyo looked a little lonely but as Ellie walked over to talk to him, he felt happier. Suddenly, Cloudy had walked beside her and said "You can tell, he has a warm feeling now." as she spread her wings for the sunlight to reflect off them. Zara noticed how old Cloudy looked since she first met her as Cloudy walked off to join Destiny, was she losing her strength? thought Zara curiously as she watched all her friends. Flame suddenly walked up to her and said "Would you care to dance?" and smiled. "Sure" was Zaras reply as she walked off with Flame to find Ellie and Kiyo waiting for them. "Ah, there you are!" said Ellie happily, "Lets all dance." They each grabbed a partner and started dancing. Hidden in the shadows was Justin watching them all cheerful and sighing to himself. Wolfie had tried to talk to Cloudy bit she chatted with Destiny most of the time. The party was over soon but as everyone was leaving Destiny said something only Cloudy and Miracle and her could hear, "The Empire Lives.." she hissed and left. Little did she know that Kiyo also heard it because of his hearing ability but kept it to himself. Destiny walked up to the crew and said "All of you, you can have one wish granted each!" as she let them decide on their wishes...

Sheena went first "I wish for the portal to the "other" side opened." she said as Destiny nodded and granted the wish.

DL was next "I wish for the lost orbs to be returned" as Destiny granted the wish.

Kiyo went next as he stared neevously at Destiny, Destinys eyes seemed to say If this is what you want then go for it!. He took a deep breath and said "I..wish..for..a" as Destiny murmured "Wise choice" and granted it. In a few moments, Kiyos transformation as complete, he had a face now. His eyes glimmered gray as he looked into Destiny silver ones before going for the next person to make a wish.

Ellie was up, she said "I wish that no one is able to lay a talon or kill any dragons in Pyrrhia!" as Destiny nodded and granted the wish.

Will said "I wish that there is hope in this world!" as Destiny granted it.

Percy said "This world needs more nature to cover it!" and Destiny got to the wish granting.

Cydragon said "Let the weathers change as they wish." and Destiny nodded and did the wish.

It was Zaras turn as her eyes glimmered as she said "I wish to control the dragon portol to the "other" side." Destiny had replied "Is this what you really want?" Zara replied with a "Yes" and Destiny granted it to her.

Cloudy was last as she said confidently "I wish for the empire to live."


Cloudy/Zaras story

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