"Do you really wish to take this risk and go back?" The voice finally said.

"Yes... I want- no- in need to go back and save my friends. And I will do it as many time as it takes!" Zazara said, tears flowing down her scaled cheeks. Zara was covered in blood. Cloudy. Dead. Justin was still dead for revenge. Wolfie killed himself In lack of a friend he had. A dear friend. Will, Ellie, Kiyo, and everyone was brutally murdered. They.... they murdered each other. And Zara had to watch the world fall to ruins. And she had to make this wish 16 times, now... She had almost given up hope. Maybe this time after she is crowned, she could rush them to the door.

The way Zazara looked doesn't seem to be convincing, as her appearance wasn't quite tolerable. She was sick of it. So she decided to change her past. She used to be an ice dragon...... Not like anyone cared... Except for.... Zara's eyes filled with even more tears to the point that she couldn't see anything. It was alwayse like this. She could never see her mistakes, and she could never look forward to the day that she would fulfill the prophecy. Maybe... The prophecy was meant to die? Zara shook her head in denial. There would be no way. And she WILL go back as many times as it takes, to save the prophecy, to save her friends.

"Are you ready?" The voice beckoned. The shimmering, familiar eyes that Zara, for the life of her, could not figure out how that dragon was still alive, and didn't grieve for any of the dragons..... as if she knew... Zara shook herself, and was now ready to go back again.... and again... and again... She didn't care how many times she would have to see her friends die, or suffer. It had to live. Zazara closed her eyes. "Ready."

Zara shot her eyes open. Next to her was Ellie... Then suddenly her mind registered with false memories. Ellie... is... her sister.... She suddenly mumbled,"Another dream? Is it a bad omen...?" Zara cleared her eyes from the tears. Ellie sat up. "Are you okay? Is it really bad?" Zazara shifted. She couldn't tell her. She can't tell her. "I... ugh... an unnecessary death will happen... Yes...." She lied, she definitely lied.... She can't have those type of dreams....

"Who?" Ellie asked, in an unsteady voice. Zara looked up. Who would die close this time? If anything? "I.... I don't know..."

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