Welcome to the Page You Have Been Waiting For!Edit

In this page you will be able to edit and add entries! You can also add your fan art to the story. Here are the rules:Edit

~Blood and gore is permitted

~Nudity/Graphic images are NOT permitted, nor will entries with it be tolerated, as they will be deleted immediately

~Please put your entries and art as shown below

~Please make these entries relative to 'Pyrophobia' as much as possible

Stories/Fanatic Chapters/FanFictionEdit

Stories will be formatted like this:

<Insert title of story>


~Fan entry by: <insertname>

You may edit the page, or ask me to edit the page, and put your story under this line. Have fun!



This one should be simple, just try to make the picture size 600px or less, and just post away! Edit, or ask to edit after this line. Be creative! (No green allowed! jk :P)