Welcome to the Pyrophobia Drawing Contest!Edit

As a start to the contest, you may draw whatever scene you'd like from my story, Pyrophobia.

Here are the guidelines at which you may enter:

  • Only registered wiki members may participate in this competition
  • Scenes with blood, gore, and violence are permitted, however with all due respect, please keep it in appropriate moderation
  • Pictures should pertain to the story, Pyrophobia
  • Submit your entries below to enter the competition
  • Entrees are due very soon, keep a fast pace!
  • Contest will not commence until three participants are present

If you have won 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, you get these badges/pics! :D AND we will put you in the page of awesome Fanart!(Drawings Belong to ElektronX) (First Place Pic coming soon)Edit

Here are our first entries!!

Zazara killing wolf
Zazara 01(1)
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