Here is a list of all of the characters portrayed in the story Pyrophobia: Fear of FireEdit

  • Zazara: a shy girl who was capable of magic, and had a sister. Currently under a 'curse'.
  • Thunder:A wolf who was deputy of the camps, and is now trying his best to help Zazara get something to help her.
  • Sasha: A wolf who once doupted Zazara, but now is trying to help.
  • Runes: Said to be ruler of the land, but has some secrets of his own.
  • Cat Camps: They are healers, and capable of magic. They live with the wolves after most of their camps had been burned.
  • Wolf Camps: Capable of packing a powerful bite. Most camps have burned down, not all.

Upcoming Characters!!!Edit

  • Azura: Description coming soon
  • Runes