• ZazaraOne

    (Frozen parody, for Madoka Magica fans :3)

    Do you wanna sign a contract?

    C'mon let's go and play!

    No one ever even notices you,

    I believe in you,

    Let's go and fight witches!

    You're going to have lots of fun,

    But right now you aren't,

    Why won't you let me kill you!- I mean, ehem... Let's start from the beginning...

    Do you want to sign a contract?

    You get to make a wish....

    Madoka and Homura: NO!

    Okay bye.....

    (But later, I will come in the middle of teh night and bug you!!)

    ~To be continued~ XD

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  • WillDragonArt1223

    My Fan Entries! :)

    September 25, 2013 by WillDragonArt1223

    These will be my new ideas for Zazara, but please do not say in the comments... "Wow! Zazara should really take that!", I already know she won't because she has the whole story planned out on her awesome attraction. 'BEWARE- This content is not supposed to be viewed for young children, probably under the age of 10. 'This contains possible blood, mayhem, burnings, weapons, etc.

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