Wiki Colors-Vote

I have come to the realization that I have a bad taste in wiki colors, since every try I have done is still hurting my eyes when I try reading the story. Thus, we are doing a vote on colors. Please describe which section you recommend changing, and what color it is. Please also keep in mind that I cannot change the text color on the wiki. It will stay white, or grey, or black.

Also, we are using HTML color codes, so keep in ming that the code that you vote for isn't something like indigo, it's #000033, for example. If you are having trouble with these types of coding, use thispage for a guide reference. Be sure that the colors have to represent the story, such as red and blue. I will also be trying just about everyone's suggestion. If I say no to your choice for the first TWO times, you may try again. That means you can suggest colors THREE times, only if I reply with NO for the first and second choices.

Please keep your vote neat, and in the structure:

Button Color:

Link Color:

Header Color:

Main Color:

Thank you,